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Nighttime media use threatens teen sleep

October 24, 2018
Check out this article about how night time media use can affect teen sleep "Nighttime media use was associated with less sleep, as well as self-reported anxiety and depression, in teens with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, based on data from 81 adolescents."...

AAP report: Prioritize Play for Young Children

October 24, 2018
Check out this article about the importance of prioritizing play for young children. " Pediatricians, parents, and teachers should prioritize play for children under their care because of its significant benefits, such as encouraging learning, building social bonds, and regulating...

Swaddling sleeping infants increases risk of SIDS

May 16, 2016
May 11, 2016 Swaddling sleeping infants increases risk of SIDS Infants who are swaddled while they sleep have an increased risk of SIDS. Swaddling infants, especially when they are sleeping in a prone position or on their side, may increase...

Grandson #2 for Dr. McKnight!

April 27, 2015
Chase Ellington McKay, Dr. McKnight's daughter Jessica's second son with her husband Montrel, was born on Monday, April 13 at 8:16 PM PST! Chase is a healthy 7 lbs. 11 oz. and 19.5 inches. They are all doing really well!...

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