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Dasha Bennett

Dasha Bennett has graduated from Bowie High School! She hopes to study the culinary arts and open her own bakery.

Jasmine Graves

Jasmine Graves has graduated from St. John's College High School! She moves on to Penn State where she hopes to major in chemical engineering.

Janeé Hammonds

Janeé Hammonds has graduated from Richard Wright PCS! She moves on to University of Maryland Eastern Shore where she hopes to major in accounting so she can start her own clothing line.

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Lunchtime Chat Starting Solids

Baby Frittatas Eggs Red bell pepper Spinach Sweet potato Onion (yellow) Basil Cumin (tiny bit) Ghee, butter or avocado oil for cooking Olive oil to purée In a stainless steel or cast iron pan sauté all ingredients (except eggs)...

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Latest recalls to keep our patients safe.

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More Than Just a Cold?

Recently, our office has seen quite a few young patients with bronchiolitis, which is a serious respiratory infection whose symptoms are very similar to the common cold. Both the common cold and bronchiolitis are caused by the same virus--respiratory syncytial...

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