McKnight Pediatrics


General Vomiting Information

Vomiting is a symptom that can occur for different reasons. The most common cause in children is a minor viral illness. There are many disorders that can present with vomiting, the list being too long and involved to be covered here. Vomiting can however occur as a result of an accidental poisoning (especially in toddlers and young children) or a severe life threatening illness. If your child is vomiting, but is alert and interested in drinking, you may try to treat this at home. You should try giving room temperature, flat, clear liquids, small sips at a time every 15 minutes for the first hour then gradually increase the amount of fluids offered and spread out the time between. We do not recommend giving solid food until your child can take liquids without vomiting. If the vomiting persists you should call the office or answering service and be prepared to come in.