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Infant Nutrition

"The main goal of feeding is the acquisition of sufficient nutrients for optimal growth and development."
Pediatric Clinics North Am, 1991; 38(6): 1439

Generally speaking, human milk is the ideal food for full term infants in the first six months of life. There are also commercially prepared formulas that meet the nutritional needs of infants in the first six months of life. Usually at six months of age, we recommend introducing solid foods to your infant. Keep in mind that humans are wired to like sweetness. That being said, offer vegetables as your baby's first food to reduce risk of your baby rejecting these foods later. There are occasions when it is acceptable to introduce solid food earlier at four to six months of age. Starting around nine months of age, many babies are ready and very interested in feeding themselves so this is a good time to offer soft food cut in small pieces. Babies eat even better when you sit together for meals and they have others in the family to model eating for them. Remember to offer balanced meals! Processed foods are a big contributor to obesity and other chronic diseases so try to resist the temptation from the beginning.

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