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Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is now up and running! You can find the link on the Our Practice page and below.
Patient Portal

Contact the office to set up an account. You will need to provide an email address and we will web enable you so that you will be able to access the portal. You get one set of login information per child. If you are unable to remember your information or get locked out then please contact the office, so we can reset and resend your information. Passwords last for seven days,so please try to login within the week you receive the login information. New patients can pre-register before their first appointment with the practice.

Although you can currently do a lot with the portal, there are some features that are not enabled yet.

  • - You can view when your next appointment is, but you cannot schedule or cancel one. You must still call the office to do that.
  • - You can view patient visit summaries. This is the printout you usually receive at checkout after an appointment.
  • - You can view and print out a immunization records at home.
  • - You can view normal results labs. If an abnormal result occurs, the doctor will reach you.
  • - You may send a general message to the practice or a message about a prescription refill, but the portal is monitored by the front office staff, not the doctors. You cannot directly message the doctors.
  • - Please fill out the family history questionnaire as soon as possible. You can find it under the "Questionnaires" tab with the developmental checklists.