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Check Out the Ages & Stages Developmental System!

The office would like to welcome you to the Ages and Stages System! It is a new developmental monitoring program. You complete the questionnaire online right before the well visit at the following links. You will also receive an email from the practice reminding you the week of your next well visit to do the questionnaires. There is a prompt that says you can print the questionnaires out, but we really prefer you only do them online to help the office in it's effort to go reduce our paper use.

The questionnaire includes two separate evaluations, one that measures social and emotional development and the other that measures motor skills, communication, and problem solving. You want to make sure you complete both. If you have multiple children i.e. twins or more, you do need to fill out each questionnaire separately for each child.

The ASQ 3

Below are some brief explanations of the program. If you have any questions about your child's development please bring them to your well visit.

What is ASQ-3.pdf

You can also find developmental activities to do with you baby, toddler, or small child on the "For Infants" and "For Children" pages!