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Highlights at Home: We Are All Family

April 11, 2020

Life's difficulties, as unwelcome as they are, often offer us a gift. In the time of COVID-19, the gift may be the opportunity to refocus on the things that truly matter in life. Topping that list, of course, is family--and that includes our family members with fur, fins, or feathers. Welcome to Highlights@Home--and to this collection of family-themed resources titled We Are (All) Family. Whatever your family configuration--two parents or one, extended family, one child or many, one pet or a houseful--you'll find here plenty of ideas that will engage your children in "Fun with a Purpose" and strengthen the family bond. The gift of these uncertain times--when we've been forced to dial down the daily busy-ness of our lives and rethink our priorities--is time. Time to reflect on our families and what they mean to us.

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